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A Special program to protect your high potentials 


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The new generation is looking for more than only salary. They want to be challenged, work in groups, involved in environmental challenges and help others. It is with them that we built the future in an agile way. 

Therefore we have developed a program specially designed for the young high potentials in your (international) organization. Our focus is to embed the fresh ideas of these employees more profound into your organization and secure their stay. 


  • We analyze your high potentials and provide a Turn Key solution,  so you can focus on your business and fruit from their contribution. 
  • Together we will define sharp and measurable goals. Only the best are part of this group. 
  • SHINE is a program for companies and employees designed for the top league.
  • The governance model is designed to their needs and so are the challenges they receive.
  • The costs for the program are all inclusive calculated per nominee based on a 1, 3 or 5 years. 
  • Coaching based on experiened people managers supported and alligned with company assigned HR coordinators
  • The return on investment is astonishing!

The management style is rapidly changing from top down to matrix, where managers become coaches, surrounded by high end specialists. Therefore the question is no longer what the employee contributes to the manager but what the coach contributes towards the employee. 

The skilled expert is our highest value but also our highest risk. 

Managers need to become coaches facilitating the evaluation and wellbeing of the employee. Employee empowerment is therefore key. 

The happier the employee the longer he stays. Happy is not having a smile but being proud of the achievements. We need to secure that our experts are staying and prevent job hopping. 


We measure four times a year through anonymous employee engagement surveys and have a tailormade state of the art High Potentials program for you.

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We speek French, German, English and Dutch.

 High Potential view by Dr. Robert Hogan