To secure that employees stay, a new Programme for high potentials is needed. A Programme that make our jewels shine:

SHINE programme for high potentials 


  • Duration 5 years

  • Max 4 years employed or trainee

  • Cum Laude results

  • Willing to learn and eager to be challenged

  • Proven results

  • Sparkling personality


SHINE is a highly Digital engagement programme based on youngster’s experience

To assure that the group is socially connected many activities are part of it like:

Virtual visits where the Genius gives digital tours in his business unit and in his field of work.

These Vlogging sessions are a platform for the candidates to practise their pitch skills and learn from other to improve.

Therefore there will be a weekly workout session trough facetime or other Vlogging techniques where members of the group can jog or workout together although they are located miles away from each other.

SHINE members are offered the latest smart phones as testers for the future.